ExoForma Shine & Guard Paint Sealant - 16 oz

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ExoForma Shine & Guard is a highly-durable carnauba-infused paint sealant that leaves your finish with hydrophobic properties and an unmatched shine.

Shine & Guard has a spray-on-wipe-off formulation that makes application quick and easy. Utilizing hybrid polymer technology, it helps restore a deep gloss finish to your vehicle's paint while adding hydrophobic protection.

In addition to providing an ultra-glossy finish and highly-durable protection, Shine & Guard also works as a drying aid. It can be used on a dry or wet finish to help prevent water spotting.

  • Long-lasting, highly-durable paint sealant
  • User-friendly; utilizes hybrid polymer technology
  • Leaves your paint with a high gloss finish
  • Produces ultra-hydrophobic properties
  • Apply on a dry or wet surface

Made in the USA

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