Americana Finesse Flawless Finish Polish

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Finesse flawless finish polish was engineered for superlative clarity and binary finishing Capabilities.
When paired with the Americana orange or black foam pad, Finesse easily removes:
  •  micro marring 
  •  "DA Haze" from previous correction steps 
  • Swirls and wash marring
  • Shake well before use. 
  • Always prime the pad prior to starting your correction
  • Use 4-6 pea size drops
Helpful Tips
  • Maintain slow tempo and  arm  speed, allow  the  product  to  work itself 
  • Minimal pressure  should  be applied.  
  • Do not  buff the  product until dry.  Keep it wet. Work in smaller 2’ x 2’ areas 


Product now named:  Americana Fine Cut Compound

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