ExoForma Super Foam Soap - 16 oz

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ExoForma Super Foam Soap is a super-concentrated soap that creates enormous amounts of foam and suds. The highly-lubricated formulation encapsulates dirt and grime while lifting them away from the surface.

This soap is quickly becoming one of our go-to soaps for frequent vehicle washes. Due to the highly-concentrated formula, it produces a much larger volume of foam that encapsulates dirt and grime. The added lubrication from this soap also helps reduce the chances of introducing new scratches to a vehicle's finish. Additionally, the pH-neutral formula will not remove any waxes, sealants or degrade ceramic coatings.

Super Foam Soap is ideal for use with a foam cannon, but also works great with a simple wash bucket. This effective and versatile foam soap is a must have for your detailing arsenal!

  • Leaves your vehicle with a spot-free finish
  • Cost-effective; just a few ounces are needed
  • Ultra slick and lubricated formulation
Made in the USA

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