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The Americana Exact Fit Compression (EFC) foam pad was designed and manufactured right here in the United States. These pads can really go the distance saving you time and money in your business. The Americana EFC foam pad is the answer to more efficient and effective paint correction.

There are a few key attributes which set the EFC pad apart

  • Exact fit design - the backing plate matches up perfectly with the edges of the pad
  • Signature ventilation holes
  • The pores of the pad by design resist buffing liquid building up during correction
  • No delamination and no glue failure
  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting when used with long-throw DA machines
The exact fit design pad means the EFC pad matches perfectly with the actual size of your backing plate so you don't have to guess which pad fits on which backing plate.

Why is EXACT FIT important?

When pad overage or excess foam hangs outside the parameter of your backing plate it causes two problems:
  • First, the backing plate digs into the edge of the pad and begins to break-down the edges of the pad over time (tearing itself apart)
  • Second, when the edge of the pad is broken-down it will cause delamination and glue issues of the hook and loop from the foam pad
The EFC Pad aligns perfectly with the backing plate of the Rupes machines and thus the edges of the pad will not be damaged by your machine. The exact fit design also allows for more consistent and even pressure of the pad to the paint surfaces. Even and consistent surface pressures equates to more correction power. This also allows the machine to run more smooth by eliminating additional drag.

Next you will notice 6 ventilation holes built into the pad which conveniently align with the Rupes backing plates. The long throw and DA machines have dramatically increased time and efficiency throughout the paint correction process; consequently they also generate a lot of heat. Over time the cell structure of the foam is flattened and the center of the pad will begin to sink in.

Americana EFC pads with their proprietary ventilation holes allow the pad to run much cooler, which for you means:
  • Increased longevity and durability making our pads some of the longest lasting in the industry
  • Increased cycle time of your buffing liquids before the carrying solvents are broken down
  • Increased air flow prolongs the life of the cell structure within the pad, which means less pad breakdown
  • Cooler temps resist common glue failure and delamination of the hook and loop
We recommend using compressed air and a Tornador to clean your pad between passes. This process can allow you to correct a full car with just one pad without having to switch frequently.
To sum it all up when using the Americana Global EFC foam Pad you get faster pad rotation, controlled polishing, less heat, equal pad compression for more cut and longer durability.

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