Americana Release Iron & Fallout Remover

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Americana Release is a Professional Grade environmental decontamination product. It was formulated to dissolve embedded contaminants from the exterior surfaces of a vehicle. It is typically used during routine washes or always used for decontamination when you perform a paint correction or during the wash process for a Ceramic Coating installation.

For those of you that don't know what contamination is, it is Industrial fallout, Iron, Carbon, and other metallic substances that occur naturally in the environment and/or on roads while driving. Those contaminants land on a vehicle, and after sitting, they can become embedded onto your Paint, Wheels, Glass, Rubber, and Plastic surfaces. Release was chemically formulated to help dissolve the contaminents.

Americana Release is safe for vehicle exterior surfaces. Contaminants can be corrosive and could wear away the clear coat and damage wheels, plastics, rubber and glass if left untreated. 

Release is easy to use:

  • Make sure vehicle is properly washed
  • Shake Well
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or hot surfaces
  • Do not let the product dry on the surface
  • Spray onto surfaces you are decontaminating 
  • Let sit for a minute then agitate as needed
  • Let sit for a few more minutes
  • Release will darken on iron particles and "bleed out"
  • Rinse off with water or pressure washer
  • Repeat as needed if needed
  • For further decontamination we recommend doing a physical decontamination with clay or a clay mitt and clay lube.
  • Read all labels on the product

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