Americana Surface Prep Spray - 32 oz

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Americana Surface Prep Spray is a Solvent based cleaner safe to use on all surfaces, and is currently available in 32 oz and 1 gallon sizes.

Prior to applying any type of Ceramic Coating, it's important to remove all residual wax, grease, oil, polymers, from the desired surface.

It is a common belief among detailers that using some dilution of IPA alcohol and water will safely remove these contaminants; and test have shown this process simply isn't enough. Alcohol and water alone will not properly remove the remaining contaminants from various substrate.

In order to get the surface surgically clean and ready for a ceramic coating you must use a solvent based product, and that's why Americana Global has created Stripper, a solvent based Prep Solvent, safe for all surfaces. 

You can now have the confidence to install your protective coatings without fear of improper adhesion.

  • ​Solvent Based Decontamination
  • Safe for use Inside and Outside​
  • ​Properly Decontaminate prior to installation of PPF and Vinyl​
  • ​Paint and Body Panel Wipe for Paint Prep ​
Helpful Tips: 
  • Use solvent resistant gloves​
  • ​Use Lint free cloth
  • Saturate desired surface and let stand 1 min prior to removal
  • Always test product in a small inconspicuous area for adverse reaction
  • Use one towel to do your first wipe, Second clean towel for final wipe
  • Do not use on freshly painted surface ( Adhere to Manufacturing guidelines) 
  • Do not use on any surface Hot to the touch
WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW.  If  ingested,  please  seek  medical attention immediately.
NOTE: Product formerly known as Stripper

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