CARPRO Clearcut Compound - 500 ml

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If you're looking for a fast cut that works well on hard paint, CARPRO Clearcut does a great job! No wax, fillers, or silicone. What you see is what you get. 

  • Extremely fast cut
  • From 1000 grit and up
  • Non Dusting
  • Body shop safe
  • Hologram free
  • Excels with D/A, rotary or by hand
  • Versatile across multiple paint types
  • Also available in 250ml (8.5oz) and 1L (34oz) sizes

DIRECTIONS for Dual Action

  1. Apply 7-8 drops on a new polishing pad
  2. Spread on low speed across 2"X 2" section
  3. increase machine speed to med/high on D/A
  4. Use MINIMAL pressure for the first 2-3 passes and then increase pressure after each pass finishing with heavier pressure
  5. With LED lamp you will see the scratches disappear beneath the compound as you polish
  6. Wipe off then polish becomes clear
  7. Clean pad with brush or air
  8. Move to next section -> Apply 6 - 8 pea size drops to pad and repeat steps 2-7


Need polishing pads? Checkout what we use and recommend!


If needed, follow with CARPRO Reflect



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