CARPRO Inside (Cleaner/Concentrate) - 500 ml

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CARPRO Inside is highly-versatile interior cleaner specially formulated for use on plastic, vinyl, finished leather and various other interior surfaces.

Comprised of a high-foaming mix of proprietary surfactants and gentle detergents, Inside easily removes dirt, sweat, oils, and all other types of soil from interior surfaces. Inside is designed to leave behind a clean, natural non-shiny look.

Inside is strong enough for the toughest cleaning jobs, yet mild enough for use on fine leather. Its fast-acting non-greasy formula will not damage the leather's dye coat, preserving the leather’s integrity and appearance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well and spray over a microfiber towel. Apply to affected areas using a microfiber towel. Agitate with a detailing brush or microfiber towel. Wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. Remove any residue with damp microfiber towel.

NOTE: Do not leave on the surface for more than 5 min. FOR LIGHT CLEANING AND INTERIOR PLASTICS: Dilute 1:5. FOR ALCANTARA: Dilute 1:10.

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