CARPRO IronX Snow Soap - 1 L

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IronX Snow Soap is a time-saving multi-purpose car wash shampoo - it's a Iron Remover, Cleaner/Degreaser, and Shampoo all in one! Simply change the dilution ratio, and Iron-X Snow Soap can be used with a foam cannon as an iron-removing Shampoo, as a Lubricant for clay decontamination mitt, or even as a maintenance Wheel Cleaner. 

  • Effective: Cuts through road grime with ease
  • Safe: pH Neutral, High Lubricity, Cleans gently with rich foam
  • Quality: Utilizes only the highest quality cleaning agents & emulsifiers
  • Versatile: Use on paint, glass, wheels, headlights, plastic trim, and paint protection film
  • Excellent on wheels - apply directly to surface and agitate with brush


    • Mix 1-3 ounces with water in foam cannon
    • Mix 1:8 for use in spray bottle as light iron remover
    • Do not dilute if using as full-strength prep solution or wheel cleaner

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE (in foam cannon):

    • Rinse vehicle well
    • Add IronX Snow Soap to foam cannon
    • Set your foam cannon to provide the foam concentration you prefer
    • Snow foam your car as normal and allow to dwell
    • Wash gently but thoroughly with wash mitt
    • Rinse thoroughly

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