KG Interior Scrub Sponge

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Introducing, from the same brand who brought you the amazing Monster Mitt, the KG Interior Scrub Sponge! Similar to the Monster Mitt, the Scrub Sponge is an outstanding tool for cleaning almost any vehicle interior surface - from leather or vinyl seats to dashes and door panels.

The grey scrub side is strong enough to tackle the toughest dirt and stains, yet gentle enough not to damage most surfaces. The orange sponge side can also be used for lighter scrubbing or as a second wipe for removing excess cleaning solution.

Pair with your favorite interior cleaner or APC (All Purpose Cleaner), and let the magic happen! You will be amazed how quickly and easily the KG Interior Scrub Sponge works! 

Our new favorite interior detailing tool

 NOTE: Please utilize the scrub sponge with care. The combination of certain cleaners on certain materials can cause damage, depending on the condition.

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