ExoForma Ceramic Detailer - 16 oz

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ExoForma Ceramic Detailer is an advanced, SiO2 (silicon dioxide) infused ceramic coating rejuvenation spray. It's designed to re-build the protective layer, adding back the high-gloss, hydrophobic properties and added protection. It also works as a highly-effective and durable stand-alone paint sealant.

Effortlessly applied to your vehicle's surface, Ceramic Detailer will provide protection from weathering and the elements, while also displaying ultra-hydrophobic properties. Maintenance and cleaning of your vehicle has never been easier; Ceramic Detailer adds a protective barrier that actively repels dirt and grime from sticking to your vehicle's surface.

  • Highly-durable, SiO2-infused sealant
  • Produces ultra-hydrophobic properties
  • Leaves a slick, highly glossy surface
  • Provides up to 6 months of protection

Made in the USA

Product formerly labeled as "Ceramic Shield"

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