ExoForma Graphene Detailer - 16 oz

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ExoForma Graphene Detailer is a cutting-edge, graphene oxide based detail spray that pairs unmatched levels of gloss, slickness and protection with advanced hydrophobic properties. It works as a perfect solution in rejuvenating coated vehicles but also has the ability to produce exceptional results as a super-durable stand-alone sealant. Works on virtually any exterior surface (paint, chrome, plastic and glass).

The strength and durability of ExoForma Graphene Detailer make it a no-brainer for any garage. Whether you're rejuvenating a coating or using it as a stand-alone sealant, this product is unrivaled in the car care industry.

  • Unmatched slickness and gloss levels
  • Extreme durability and hydrophobicity
  • Cutting-edge graphene-based technology

Made in the USA

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