ExoForma Super Shine Detail Spray - 16 oz

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ExoForma Super Shine is the ultimate detail spray for maintaining or adding a high level of gloss and shine to your vehicle. It's a highly-versatile product that is safe for use on paint, wheels, chrome, plastic/trim and glass. Additionally, it works great as a clay lubricant.

Super Shine is the perfect go-to product for your detailing arsenal. Its easy-to-use and streak-free formula can be applied in high heat/humidity and direct sunlight. It will restore a deep wet shine on any color of paint, and is the perfect product to use on the go. Super Shine can also be layered on top of any wax, sealant or coating for extra added gloss.

  • Easy way to remove light dust, grime, and fingerprints
  • Quick detailer for easy touch-up
  • Streak-free and smear-free formula
  • Restores a showroom shine to your vehicle

Made in the USA

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