Oberk KXK KO-1 Microfiber Sheet 10x12

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  • 10" x 12" Microfiber Cutting Sheet
  • Designed for you to 'punch' out your desired size of pad
  • Smaller pads are ideal for compounding difficult small areas like bumper edges, mirrors, grill areas, A/B pillars, interior plastics
  • Punch up to (53x) 1.25" pads ($265 value)
  • Ideally would be used with the KXK XP Pad Punch Kit V2
  • Manufactured to our Oberk Microfiber cutting pad specification

  • We think paying $5+ for a 1.375" cutting pad is insanity. Time to stick it to the man. No one offered a better solution until KXK Dynamics brought their pad punch kit to market, giving the ability to punch out smaller pads of your size choice from larger pads in a cost conscious manner.

    This is that concept, on steroids. In partnership with KXK Dynamics, we developed the KO-1, a 10 x 12" cutting sheet based on our #1 selling product, Oberk Microfiber Cutting Pad. Ideal to punch out 1.25, 2.0, or 2.625" pads for those hard to reach places when compounding a vehicle.


    • 1.25" Pads (53 punched) avg cost 0.75/ea pad vs $5/ea individual pad ($238 savings on ;one sheet punch)

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