Oberk APS - All Purpose Soap and PreWash - 32 oz

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Oberk's new All Purpose Soap (APS) is a highly-effective and versatile product, and a great addition to our shop arsenal. It can be used as a stripping soap, a bug remover, or just as a general purpose soap for severely soiled vehicles.

This product was designed to be eco-friendly - it is plant-based, scent-free, and naturally biodegradable. APS is slightly alkaline (9.5 pH) and will strip waxes and sealants. However this makes it ideal for prep washing or maintaining vehicles with ceramic coatings.

APS is not a thick foaming soap; its formula lifts, pulls, and drops dirt from the surface down to the ground. Its signature "staywet" technology not only increases its working time (before drying out), but also features extreme lubrication for gliding over the surface to avoid scratching or damaging the vehicle.

With its higher pH, this soap concentrate has exceptional cleaning and stripping capabilities, removing all of the dirt and grime from the surface and leaving a clean, bare surface for paint correction.  While this formula will strip waxes, sealants, and spray-on silica sealants, it works perfectly for maintaining ceramic coated vehicles. APS's cleaning power will remove dirt and build-up clogging the coating; thus restoring its hydrophobic properties.


Directions for Use:

NOTE: This is a professional-strength concentrated product. It should be mixed accordingly based on application (see below). Also, due to its higher pH, caution should be taken with vehicles that have raw aluminum or other sensitive materials.

If using outdoors, we recommend the vehicle being in the shade and the paint cool to touch. Applying to hot paint or direct sunlight can cause drying, water spots and short work time.

Always make sure the surface is wet before applying product. If concerned, always try a test spot.

  • BUCKET WASH - Mix .5 oz per gallon of water for heavily soiled vehicles. Mix .25 oz per gallon of water for lightly soiled vehicles.

  • FOAM CANNON - Mix 2-3 oz into a full cannon

  • BUG REMOVER - Mix 1:2 or 1:4 in foaming spray bottle

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