Oberk Sole - One Step - Medium Polish - 32 zone

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Oberk Sole Polish was designed as the perfect single-step polishing solution, and for projects that require a more aggressive polish than Oberk Supreme Polish. Sole utilizes the most innovative abrasives in the world to deliver unmatched cutting ability and finishing results. Beyond detailing shops, this polish is ideal for high-volume assembly/production, auctions, dealerships or any situation where full paint correction isn't feasible or required.

Pair Sole polish with the Oberk Single Step Yellow Pad for the perfect one-step polishing process with consistent results.

  • Removes p2000 sanding marks.
  • Compatible with all machine polishers - rotary, forced rotation, DA and long throw DA.
  • Water-based formula for superior performance on all pad types - foam, microfiber, and wool.
  • Silicone-free, and body shop safe. Works with all automotive finishes and gel coat. Use when removing sanding marks in new paint, and cutting heavy defects and swirls in cured paint.
  • Absolutely no fillers.


Recommended polishing pad: Oberk Single Step Yellow Pad

  1. Lightly prime the pad by applying 4 pea-sized dots to the face of foam or microfiber cutting pad (wool pads may require additional product).
  2. Spread product over a 16" x 16" area, and polish. Wipe excess residue, and inspect.

If any holograms or marring are visible, repeat Step 2 using Oberk Supreme Polish. This product is designed for one step polishing to remove scratches and swirls. If the paint is heavily scratched and swirled, the Oberk 2 Step Process may be required for optimal results.

NOTE: Oberk Sole works fantastic on paint that is very hard, contains high solids, or on scratch-resistant clearcoats. One example of this type of paint is the Mercedes-Benz CeramiClear optional scratch-resistant clearcoat.

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