Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer - 16 oz

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Prima Hydro MAX is the second step in the 3-step Hydro maintenance system. Hydro MAX is an easy-to-use and durable spray polymer (synthetic wax). Simply shake, spray and wipe! It can be applied to wet paint and used as a drying aid, but for MAXimum durability, spray on dry paint. Hydro MAX will not stain or discolor, and is safe to use on any non-porous surface.

Hydro MAX is a spray version of the original Prima Hydro Seal - you get the same look and durability in a spray. They utilized a thinning agent, added a bit of surfactant (to eliminate streaking) and worked the formula until they got it right. Hydro MAX provides full synthetic wax protection with the effort of a quick detailer. So simple; so easy!

As with any sealant, avoid pre-washing with Prima Mystique or any other auto wash that includes polymers. However, once Hydro MAX is applied to the paint, you can utilize whichever auto wash you prefer.

Hydro MAX can be stacked with immediate layer applications, and is safe for use on all paint types as well as glass and black plastic trim - it won't leave any waxy, white residue.

The Prima Hydro System – 3 easy steps to a perfect finish every time.

Step 1: Prima Hydro Wash A wash designed specifically to enhance the longevity of your paint.

Step 2: Prima Hydro Max A super polymer spray wax that leaves your vehicle’s finish glossy, slick and well-protected.

Step 3: Prima Hydro finishing spray removes any excess product, smudges and streaks; adding anti-static properties that resist dust accumulation.


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